COVID-19 Guidelines for Visitors

Policy and Procedures for Playing Golf Under COVID-19 Restrictions

The following procedures have been drawn up by Kinross Golf Courses to ensure compliance with Scottish Government restrictions and guidance updated on 15th July 2021.

Booking a Tee Time

  • Groups of up to 4 golfers are now permitted with no restrictions on the number of households.
  • All tee times must be booked in advance and paid for online via the Kinross Golf Courses online booking system by visiting the website or using the following direct link
  • Visitors will not be permitted to play if they turn up without having booked a tee time in advance. If you have any issues booking online then call the Professional Shop on 01577 865125 and they will talk you through it.
  • We ask single player golf to be kept to an absolute minimum. If this is your only option, then we suggest playing in the afternoon where there is likely to be less demand on tee times.

Visitor tee times, including weekends, on both our Montgomery and Bruce Courses will be available for booking up to 7 days in advance.

Arrival and Waiting to Play

  • Locker room facilities will remain closed until 19th July. Please get kitted up in the car park.
  • Visitors are asked not to arrive any earlier than 15 minutes in advance of their tee time. If they arrive early for any reason, they should remain in their car until this time.
  • It is vitally important that all visiting golfers turn up on time. If for any reason, you realise that you are going to be late, then please call the Professional Shop on 01577 865215 and they will try to allocate you another slot.
  • Travel to and from the golf course must not mix households i.e no car sharing, and golfers should adhere to the guidance above on travel under the new local tiering system.
  • Visitors are asked to park their cars in virtual alternate space fashion where possible, as we do not have our car park lined. Please make use of overflow parking in the adjoining park to ensure separation/social distancing can be achieved.
  • The Professional Shop will be open and golfers should adhere to current social distancing guidelines. There will be hand sanitiser at the entrance and all customers will be obliged to sanitise their hands before entering. The intention is to have an open-door policy where possible, although this may not be the case if we are experiencing severe weather conditions. Arrows will be on the floor ensuring one-way circulation around the shop and whilst the Pro Shop team do still want to offer a retail opportunity, we ask that visiting golfers do not touch any merchandise unless they are particularly interested in that item. Please do not be alarmed by the perspex screen or staff wearing PPE - this is purely precautionary as they are particularly vulnerable during this time.
  • Trolleys, buggies and other rental items will only be available for hire after deep cleaning and sanitising practices have been carried out after every use. 

Course Set Up

  • All golf course furniture will be returned for normal use, including the removal of flagsticks, standard hole cups and bunker rakes.
  • Preferred lies in bunkers may remain in place at the club's discretion, recognising that not every golfer will wish to use a communal rake

During the Round - Social Distancing

  • Golfers must stay 2 metres apart; this is particularly important on the teeing areas and on the greens due to the natural close proximity of golfers to one another.
  • Do not lift any ball or tee peg other than your own, including any stray balls you may find.
  • Golfers will be asked not to share any equipment, exchange scorecards or monies.
  • Pace of play is going to be incredibly important during these times, as always. We ask that if any group (regardless of numbers ) has lost a hole to the group in gront, they should stand aside and safely invite the group behind through. As a guideline, we do not expect any round to take longer than 3 hours 30 minutes during these restrictions.
  • Social distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round. When the round is completed, all visitors must leave the course and the club/facility immediately so that there are no gatherings around the clubhouse/car park area.

Please Respect the Green Staff

Golfers are asked to be particularly respectful of the Green Staff working on the courses. For their own safety, it is likely that Green Staff will work in shifts during the day rather than all starting early in the morning. Please be patient if you are waiting to play your shot while they are finishing what they are doing on the courses. They will move aside and let you play when they can - and you will not be required to wait long. They are going to have a tough job keeping the courses well maintained if they are particularly busy.

Rules of Golf Related Matters

  • Outdoor bubbles (coaching & competition) up to 500 with no participant limit per day
  • Stroke play competitions involving players in different groups are strictly prohibited during this initial period. You may converse after the round via telephone or email to compare scores, but this must not take place on the premises.

Please, Please Stick to these Guidelines

It is vitally important that the wider golf community demonstrate that we can play our sport safely and in accordance with the current social distancing guidelines. We cannot afford to be seen as irresponsible. In other countries who have reopened for golf, there have been incidents where rogue golf clubs have been putting great pressure on the golf clubs who have been conforming to everything asked of them by their Government. We must not allow The Kinross Golf Courses to ever be in this position and therefore ask that all golfers respect these guidelines and adhere to any instructions given to them by the Course Manager or Golf Professional team.

We know that today’s update will have a positive impact on all our visitors and members, and on behalf of everyone at Kinross Golf Courses, we would like to thank you for your continued patience and strict adherence to the restrictions that have been in place since March 2020.

Jamie Montgomery


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