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The Bruce—The “Wild Child” of Kinross Golf

          The Bruce is a little easier to play and we've not introduced a "The Bruce Challenge" (yet), but this course has many challenges of its own.

bruce1.jpg          If The Montgomery is the sensible and determined sister destined for a life of professionalism and hard work, then The Bruce is the rebellious little sister more likely to stray off the beaten path. Proof is in the par-39 outward nine where you'll find four par-5s in the space of six holes.

          So while occasional golfers often find The Bruce more to their liking, scoring well is no given. And arrogant golfers beware: four early par-5s does not mean four "easy birdie holes", and those who think so often find their card in shreds embarrassingly early in the round.

          However, spot the optimum scoring opportunities on The Bruce and you just might outsmart this feisty course.

The hardest hole? The par-4 6th at just 272 Yards!

          The course's unpredictability is most shocking on the par-4 6th. It's the Stroke Inex 1 hole and it only requires a mid-iron off the tee followed by a wedge. But watch out for the “ball magnetic” pond in front of the green, which often results in big numbers.

Par these!

          It's difficult to pick the “best” par-3 on The Bruce but many golfers love the picturesque 16th. It's 160 yards from the white tees, but choosing the right club can be difficult as the green is long and well-protected.

          The par-4 14th provides an enjoyable shot downhill to the large green. Not as famous as that tricky 6th hole, but not likely to generate so much golfing angst.

          Although the par-5 4th hole might seem like an obvious birdie opportunity, even the strongest golfers leave the hole happy with a par. The second shot is perhaps the most difficult on the course, whether you are going for the green or not.

Another friendly course for lady golfers

          Like its sister, the “Wild Child” Bruce welcomes lady golfers. And during renovations, we reduced the length of the course from the ladies' tees by 300 yards.

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